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 Myrna at one of her frequent shows

When I travel I can't wait to get back to my studio, put a canvas on the easel, and start painting. After visiting a Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona, I was fortunate to capture a young boy riding his pony in Canyon de Chelly. The cottonwood trees, the sunlit landscape and this young boy touched my soul and I suddenly felt an outsider. When I arrived home I wanted to recapture that special moment. Such experiences are replayed from one painting to the next. Another time I was flying home from a vacation and thinking about future subjects to paint, I envisioned bison running across the prairie landscape. Back in my studio I started painting bison and felt such a strong connection that I continued to reinterpret the landscape with bison and other animals of the prairies. In other instances I have been moved by the charm of a location and its people. Closer to home I have spent many days at our family cabin painting the  landscape as I see and feel it. Capturing that special moment, that special scene and the one on one working relationship with the brush and the canvas are what motivate me to start that next painting. 


                                                                                                                                               Heading West